• Etta Scollo & Susanne Paul in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT - © Tobias Dutschke
    03. - 04. July 2015

    Etta Scollo

    Scollo con Cello - Tempo al Tempo

  • Barbara Thalheim in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT - © Sabine Pankratz
    05. Juli 2015

    Barbara Thalheim & Band


  • Sandra Kreisler mit dem Oriel Quartett in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT - © Simone Hofmann
    07. - 11.Juli 2015

    Sandra Kreisler & das Oriel Quartett

    Von Liebe, Tod und ...

  • Cora Frost & Band in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT - © Sven von Lilienfeld
    12. Juli 2015

    Cora Frost & Band

    zeitPALAST – palace of time & love

  • Sharon Brauner im BAR JEDER VERNUNFT - Mathias Bothor
    13. - 15. Juli 2015

    Sharon Brauner & Band

    Bei mir bist Du schön

  • Idil Baydar Veranstaltungen in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT - ©Melanie Marten
    16. - 21. Juli 2015

    Idil Baydar

    „Deutschland, wir müssen reden!“


Today at BAR

Sunday, 05. July 2015

Barbara Thalheim in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT - © Sabine Pankratz

Barbara Thalheim & Band


Künstlerin mit Vergangenheit. Engagiert, preisgekrönt und umstritten.

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Today at TIPI

Sunday, 05.07.2015

CABARET - Das Musical - Foto: Jan Wirdeier //Gestaltung: upstruct


The Musical

Seeing CABARET at TIPI in the center of Berlin is a chance to experience history where it really happened. ‘Come taste the wine, come hear the band’ – immerse yourself in the Berlin of the sizzling Twenties.

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100% women’s summer


12th June to 16th August

This summer the Spiegelzelt takes centre stage in the debate about female quotas! Large or small, strong or dainty, size 20 or size 60 – these women are top-notch – as actresses, singers and musicians. They’ve got bite, and some of them with loose tongues they are not afraid to put to use ...

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Ein Käfig voller Narren

La Cage aux Folles - The Musical

20th November 2015 to 10th January 2016

This musical is a show of pure glitter and glamour, a game of being who you are and what you appear to be, an appeal for tolerance and humanity and one of the biggest Broadway successes of al time. This beautifully composed and choreographed musical, “Ein Käfig voller Narren” portrays the  fine social  mechanisms of repression and denial, and at the same time makes a stand for being fearlessly committed to yourself with the hit “I am what I am”.

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Für unsere Gäste:

Die Ass-Dur-Treuekarte

Für unsere Gäste:

Nutzen Sie unsere Ass-Dur-Treuekarte und erhalten Sie bis zu 25 % Rabatt bei dem Besuch einer Vorstellung in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT und im TIPI AM KANZLERAMT.

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Wine & Dine


Wine & Dine

BAR JEDER VERNUNFT offers excellent entertainment in a pleasant atmosphere along with a high-quality, fresh cuisine to satisfy all appetites. The seasonally changing menus are complemented by an excellent wine list.

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