June 25 to 29, 2019

Mad Office / Büro Absurd
Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan


Hilariously funny! Minimal dialogue, a dry, slightly dark and refined humor and the comedy of the banal – biggest hit of the season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017!

“Imagine a Room, covered in Skin”. In the simple sales office of the furniture store Rucks Leather Interiors, Mr. Grareth Krubb (the unbelievably gangly Wakenshaw) and Mr. Dennis Chang (the somewhat broader Duncan with an unexpected feminine side) going about their hectic business day for day. In their paltry “from 9 to 5” office atmosphere an extravagant world of fantasy unfolds. A sticky piece of paper transforms men into pigeons, briefcases act like dogs and the telephone never stops ringing. With little dialogue, Wakenshaw and Duncan fill their little world with silent, physically expressive absurdity, and bizarre fantasies emerge from the monotony of everyday office life.

An appropriate comparison might be made between their art and the slow precision of Jacques Tati, but these two – the classic comedy combination of the tall, thin guy with his shorter, stockier counterpart – lends their strange visual humour a strong touch of surrealism.

A new duo: so far successful comedians in their own right, Wakenshaw and Duncan joined up last year and presented their first programme as a duo.

For more information about the artists, please visit: http://www.trygvewakenshaw.net/shows/#/different-party/

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A howlingly funny, exquisitely performed hour of office-set slapstick from two of New Zealand’s most exciting comic talents.


These physical comedians from New Zealand have made a show that is funny for just being funny

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