May 03 to 22, 2022

Cora Frost & Tim Fischer
Niemand liebt dich so wie ich – Berühmte Duette

On piano: Thomas Dörschel

Everything back to the beginning ...! Great couples of music history have to serve when Cora Frost and Tim Fischer duet again on stage after 28 years.   Erika Köth & Hermann Prey, Fritzi Massary & Max Pallenberg, Hilde Hildebrandt & Gustav Gründgens, Anneliese Rothenberger & Rudolf Schock, Cindy & Bert, Marlene Dietrich & Margo Lion, Baccara, the Wildecker Herzbuben -...


May 24, 2022

Vladimir Korneev & Band
YOUKALI – Vladimir Korneev sings Kurt Weill

It sometimes seems like it’s impossible to have Kurt Weill without Bertolt Brecht. However, the creative work of the Jewish composer who was born in Dessau, matured to become an artist in 1920s Berlin, and fled from the Nazis is much broader than The Threepenny Opera or Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. In America, where Weill lived from 1935 until his death in 1950, he wrote musicals and...

Chanson & Pop

Mai 25 & 26, 2022

Katharine Mehrling
Simply Katharine

Katharine Mehrling lives music. With a great hunger for life and a longing for her audience, the thoroughbred artist with the French touch takes the audience into her musical world. Quietly and whisperingly, with irrepressible power and joie de vivre, she sings new songs of her own and immerses herself in her large repertoire of chanson, jazz and pop. Katharine Mehrling is one of the most...

Music Comedy

May 30, 2022

Florian Wagner
Funk You

His virtuoso piano playing is a reminiscent of a “mixture of Billy Joel and Keith Jarrett“ (Münchner Merkur), his lyrics cause “immediate fits of laughter in the audience“ (Sächsische Zeitung) and “he sings as beautifully as Michael Bublé“ (His Mom). In “Funk You“ the pianist and singer explains how Mozart would have written "Atemlos" and whether Beethoven was really deaf. 

Music & Cabaret

May 31 & October 03, 2022

Das Geld liegt auf der Fensterbank, Marie
Gleich knallt’s

When the real-life fictional couple are not having a highly entertaining conversation, they sing and dance self-composed songs, play on the light organ and perform a smartphone show. A unique form of cabaret.


June 02 to 12, 2022

Anniversary Special

Georgette Dee
All of me – Lebenslieder

On the piano: Terry Truck

30 years ...! What a long time for people (many trees are still children after time ...) 30 years in the Spiegelzelt ... with triumphs and misfires, intoxication and hangovers, peaks of love and valleys of despair, creative highs and artistic ebbs. But then melodies, songs that feel like elixirs of life, flowing through time and space regardless of what is at the moment, enveloping being and not...

Music & Cabaret

June 07, 2022

Lennart Schilgen

Lieder vom Schwarzmalen & Schönfärben

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.

Music Show

June 13, 2022

Jack Woodhead & Band

“I rather like to be slugged, to walk away from the poem with old wounds reopened… let the poem bruise me.” Anne Sexton Jack Woodhead’s new show “Reflections” is bruising, wounding cabaret in all its rabid, raucous, ribald splendor.  Did Jack murder his mother? Perhaps he’s just a little drunk, just a little lonely, sipping a tipple while sitting in a moth-eaten armchair in a cold flat in a...

A cappella

June 14 to July 07, 2022

Anniversary Special

Muttis Kinder

Three young, up-and-coming artists who belong to the emergent Berlin scene present an extensive repertoire in their magical a-cappella programme, ranging from Lykke Li, Rihanna and Emiliana Torrini, and from the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren to Metallica. Claudia Graue, Marcus Melzwig and Christopher Nell are bringing to the stage a show full of acoustic surprise attacks, bringing together...

Music Show

June 20, 2022

Sven Ratzke
„Where Are We Now“

The press and the public are of one mind: hardly any other artist comes as close to David Bowie as Sven Ratzke. Bowie personally gave Ratzke his permission to avail of his entire works. The resulting STARMAN tour was a great success.  Ratzke is now venturing once again into the universe of this musical legend – different, intimate, with only Ratzke’s voice and a virtuoso on the piano (Jetse...


June 27 & October 17, 2022

Notes of Berlin
Joab Nist

Joab Nist has been collecting quirky note messages in Berlin for many years and founded his collection NOTES OF BERLIN on 10.10.2010. With over 500,000 subscribers, it is now one of the most widely read blogs in this country. In April, the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT presents an exquisite NOTES OF BERLIN live show with the most beautiful, bizarre and funniest notes from Berlin and thus an unseriously...

Music Show

June 28, 2022

René Marik & The Sugar Horses
Friendly Fire

"The Sugar Horses" is the name of the current band project of the well-known entertainer René Marik. An evening full of favourite songs. The show crosses 70 years of music history: from Hank Williams to David Bowie to Billie Eilish, from the Pixies to Christina Aguilera. With: Ulrike Arzet (trumpet) and Bodo Goldbeck (double bass)

Music Show

July 04, 2022

Zélia Fonseca & Katharina Franck
Passos do Vento – Musikalische Wirbelstürme

Katharina Franck, singer and songwriter, grew up in Portugal and Brazil, founded the Rainbirds in Berlin in 1986, released several albums, writes radio plays and spoken pop songs, interprets theatre songs with the group Stein, Rilke and Fontane in Reinhardt Repkes' Club der Toten Dichter and has written at least one piece of "pop music herstory" with the song "Blueprint".   Zélia Fonseca,...


July 08, 2022

Sebastian Krämer
„Im Glanz der Vergeblichkeit“

Ingenious and radical - his critics put him in the same league as Morgenstern, Ringelnatz and Kreisler. In his commentaries, Krämer is capricious, in his songs sweet to coarse. His musical vocabulary ranges from swing to Viennese school.  This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.

Music Show

July 12 to August 21, 2022


Oh What A Night!
Greatest Unknown Hits

Die Frankie Valli Show

At the centre of the show you will find the music of a man who with his band – and with his unmistakable, high voice – gave the endless repertoire of pop music numerous hits. We are talking about Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.   “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”, “Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “Grease” are only a few of the songs in Frankie Valli’s...


July 23, 2022

Sheila Wolf presents

2. Boylesque Drag Festival Berlin 2022
The Saturday Night Big Bang

The Boylesque Drag Festival Berlin is back! After a two-year break, the international drag queen and boylesque scene is finally back in Berlin.   Headliners of the show include GINGZILLA - the bearded Bombshell, CHRIS OH! - Most dazzling Boylesque Superstar, JOSHUA DEAN - Mrs. Exotic World 2019, DOLLY PAGE - Nonbinary Burlesque Showgirl, DUO LITTLE FINCH - Circus and Couture Fusion and many...


August 23, 2022

Brüning & Betancor
ICH MEIN DICH - Jazzstandards Germanized

Brüning and Betancor have been bringing the German language to new melodic heights for decades and ICH MEIN DICH sees them present their matrix on stage. Jazz standards by Monk, Miles Davis, Billy Strayhorn, Annie Ross and others. Betancor‘s tailor-made versions and the complementary compositions by East German Jazz legend Uschi Brüning, with Christian von der Goltz and Martin Klingeberg on...

Chanson & Pop

August 26 to September 03, 2022

Anniversary Special

Katharine Mehrling & Band

Katharine Mehrling says on the 30th anniversary of BAR JEDER VERNUNFT: Merci BAR, Merci Berlin! Since her BAR debut as Sally Bowles in CABARET, the exceptional artist with the "slightly smoky, a hint of absinthe voice" (rbb Kultur) has become addicted to the crackling atmosphere of the Spiegelzelt. Her first, acclaimed solo programme "Bonsoir Katharine" premiered here in 2009, followed by "Piaf...

Music Show

August 29 & October 25, 2022

„Der Mond hatte frei“
Atrin Madani singt von Liebe

On the piano: Paul Hankinson

Atrin Madani and Paul Hankinson, two world travelers in music: one a young jazz singer from Schöneberg with Persian roots and a dreamlike voice, the other, delightfully remembered by insiders as Montmorensy, a musical genius on the piano from Australia. Both are driven by a great love of love songs.   Songs by Schubert, chansons by Aznavour, songs by Burt Bacharach - they present the last...


September 10, 2022

Late Night Show

Hotel Gl’Amouresque
Sheila Wolf presents ‚Die Gl’Amouresque‘

Ex-Showgirls of The Friedrichstadt Palast create Smash Hit Berlin Burlesque Show! Hailing from all corners of the world, these women met whilst working on the world's biggest stage at Berlin's prestigious show palace. With a bit of British sass, French cabaret, Italian kink and American glitz they broke away and created the concept for their very own show; 'Die Gl'Amouresque'. By mixing vintage...


October 04 to 16,2022


Tim Fischer

On the 100th birthday of Georg Kreisler | Musical direction: Oliver Potratz

For the 100th birthday of the king of black humour, Tim Fischer finally lets Georg Kreisler's cats of prey out of the bag again! Under the musical direction of bassist Oliver Potratz, with Sebastian Weiß on piano and Hauke Renken on vibraphone, Tim Fischer brings Kreisler's figures to life in his musical homage and, as a kind of medium, tickles the absurd comedy out of the songs with their...

Music & Cabaret

October 18 to 23, 2022

Pigor singt. Benedikt Eichhorn muss begleiten
Volumen X

After nine successful and award-winning programmes plus various side projects, it would now be time for the anniversary edition - but instead of looking back, the two recognised experts of elegant spoken word are leaning pretty far out of their time window and presenting: Volume X.

Music & Cabaret

October 24, 2022

Irmgard Knef

mit 95 noch dabei

Irmgard Knef, Germany’s most mature and oldest cabaret singer and old-school comedienne celebrates her 95th birthday with a new musical evening: Barrier-free.  Hildegard, who has long since taken leave of her sister Irmgard, would be proud of the tough perseverance of her little sister in spirit. The believable presentation of the made-up relative Irmgard Knef is delivered, as always, by the...

Music & Cabaret

October 26 to 29, 2022

Tina Teubner & Ben Süverkrüp
Ohne Dich war es immer so schön

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.

Music & Cabaret

November 08 to 13, 2022

Anna Mateur & The Beuys

She is groove and jazz and blues, she is humour and cabaret and comedy. She has been called a miracle voice or exceptional vocals, vocal acrobat or outstanding singer, her voice has been compared to Nina Hagen, Janis Joplin or Zarah Leander – all of this is true and still it is not enough to describe this wonder of nature. She dances, sings, screams and groans, she grunts, stomps and...


November 22 to 26, 2022

Klaus Hoffmann

On piano: Hawo Bleich

Gentle guitar sounds, accompanied by Klaus Hoffmann's voice, expressive and enchanting; catchy melodies in radiant acoustic arrangements between chanson, jazz, latin and pop, interwoven with his poetic language. The fifteen new songs on the album tell their stories in the so typical Hoffmann way in wildly romantic images.