February 04, 2024

„Der Mond hatte frei“
Atrin Madani singt von Liebe

On the piano: Paul Hankinson

Music Show

Atrin Madani and Paul Hankinson, two world travelers in music: one a young jazz singer from Schöneberg with Persian roots and a dreamlike voice, the other, delightfully remembered by insiders as Montmorensy, a musical genius on the piano from Australia. Both are driven by a great love of love songs.  

Songs by Schubert, chansons by Aznavour, songs by Burt Bacharach - they present the last 200 years of music history in songs about world-weariness, great romance and wanderlust. Because in music there are no boundaries - What the World Needs Now, Is Love!  

For more information about the artist, please visit: https://www.atrinmadani.com/ | https://www.hankinsonmusic.com/