Brüning & Betancor - Eine Prise Licht

July 03 to 06, 2024


Brüning & Betancor
Eine Prise Licht

Mehr Jazzstandards Germanized


The grande dame of German jazz singing Uschi Brüning and pop poet Betancor embark on new adventures and venture a second evening together. Following the success of ‘Ich Mein Dich’, Betancor has selected new jazz standards, translated them into German and delved into her own originals. The result is ‘A Pinch of Light’, an evening about love.  

Because love is not only ‘the greatest of them all’, but also what keeps us alive. It helps against misery and suffering, bad politics and the AfD. And when music is added to love, it opens up and a pinch of light spices up the day.

You can look forward to a time-saving version of ‘Take Five’, a heartbreaking ‘Skylark’, a super solvent ‘One-Note Samba’, a devout ‘Come Sunday’, Betancor's ‘Streich Mich von der Gästeliste’ and their hit ‘Krank Vor Liebe’ and more!  

They are joined by fearless warriors Christian Von Der Goltz on piano and drummer Willi Kellers with mischievous coolness.  

Uschi Brüning - vocals
Betancor - lyrics, music, vocals 
Christian Von Der Goltz - piano 
Willi Kellers - drums

For more information about the artist, please visit: www.betancor.de