May 03 to 22, 2022

Cora Frost & Tim Fischer
Niemand liebt dich so wie ich – Berühmte Duette

On piano: Thomas Dörschel


Everything back to the beginning ...! Great couples of music history have to serve when Cora Frost and Tim Fischer duet again on stage after 28 years.  

Erika Köth & Hermann Prey, Fritzi Massary & Max Pallenberg, Hilde Hildebrandt & Gustav Gründgens, Anneliese Rothenberger & Rudolf Schock, Cindy & Bert, Marlene Dietrich & Margo Lion, Baccara, the Wildecker Herzbuben - no one gets away scot-free. Hollywood romance ("True Love"), operetta bliss ("Let's follow the swallows") and Schlager schmaltz ("Felicità") are mothballed, dusted off, polished up and repainted. 

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