Rosa von Praunheims Die Bettwurst - Das Musical!

February 05 to March 02, 2025

Rosa von Praunheims

Die Bettwurst – Das Musical!
With Anna Mateur and Heiner Bomhard | Director: Rosa von Praunheim


Rosa von Praunheim is staging his own cult film from 1971 as a musical in the anniversary year of the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT: Die Bettwurst.

In the anniversary year of BAR JEDER VERNUNFT, the renowned director, producer, author and activist of the LGBTQ movement is directing a musical for the first time shortly before his 80th birthday.

The love story between Luzi, of Polish origin from Kiel, and Dietmar, from Mannheim, takes a dramatic course after a promising beginning and finally ends in a happy ending after dangerous entanglements.  

Cast 2023

Luzi: Anna Mateur
Dietmar: Heiner Bomhard · Thaddäus Maria Jungmann

Choir: Lukas Baeskow · Thaddaeus Maria Jungmann · Nell Pietrzyk · Tobias Stemmer

Piano: Bijan Azadian · Ferdinand von Seebach
Clarinet: Karola Elßner · Frank Lüdeke · James Scannell
Bass: Ralph Grässler · Andreas Henze

Script & direction: Rosa von Praunheim
Music: Heiner Bomhard
Set design & Costumes: Ingrid Buhrmann, Lara Scheuermann, Oliver Sechting
Collaboration in set design: Marcus Lachmann
Assistant director & producer: Felix Hertneck