Die Geschwister Pfister - Relaxez Vous!

September 18 to October 06, 2024

Die Geschwister Pfister im Sitzen

With Ursli and Toni Pfister, Fräulein Schneider and the Jo Roloff Quartett

Music Show

They are adorably funny, infectiously perfect and entertainers of the rarest calibre, they stand for upbeat hits, howling schmaltz and tongue-in-cheek charm: Die Geschwister Pfister.

Die Geschwister Pfister have been reliable for over 30 years. They defy the spirit of the times and steadfastly conquer the small as well as the big stages, singing and jumping, graceful as ever, aged with dignity and young in spirit. Accompanied by the fabulous Jo Roloff Band, they thrill audiences throughout the German-speaking world.

And for those who are threatened by madness in the face of pandemics and wellness mania, war and reality soaps, climate catastrophe and parking space shortages, they call out: RELAXEZ VOUS!

More information about Die Geschwister Pfister: https://geschwister-pfister.de/