March 12, 2023

Jack Woodhead & Boys

Music Show

“I rather like to be slugged, to walk away from the poem with old wounds reopened… let the poem bruise me.” Anne Sexton

Jack Woodhead’s new show “Reflections” is bruising, wounding cabaret in all its rabid, raucous, ribald splendor. 

Did Jack murder his mother? Perhaps he’s just a little drunk, just a little lonely, sipping a tipple while sitting in a moth-eaten armchair in a cold flat in a dark windswept city no one has heard of. Perhaps he lives a life of quiet desperation that reaches sublime heights that no one will ever know. “Reflections” is life seen through a peephole, magnified and whispered through art and alcohol. It shows how life can slap you around and you may just slap it back. It shows imagination as a corrective and rampart to reality. But though reality bites back, the siren call of the forgotten inner child, lured to the surface by alcohol, trauma, or simply by childlike wonder, can provide solace.

Somewhere between Beethoven and burlesque, with his band of four, Jack Woodhead manages to negotiate a musical metamorphosis from concert pianist to cabaret star. His dramatic make-up is only surpassed by his eccentric stage outfits. Flashy and provocative in nail varnish, leather, fur and sequins, he moves elegantly and sleekly across the stage. His performance is lightning fast, sharp as a razor and completely wacky.

Direction & Text: Mark Wartenberg
Music: Jack Woodhead
Band: Tobias Tinker, Lukas Thielecke, Sid Werner, Eldar 

British expat Jack Woodhead, puts the ‘bang’ in shebang

The Telegraph (UK)

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