Mai 25 & 26, 2022

Katharine Mehrling
Simply Katharine

Chanson & Pop

Katharine Mehrling lives music. With a great hunger for life and a longing for her audience, the thoroughbred artist with the French touch takes the audience into her musical world.

Quietly and whisperingly, with irrepressible power and joie de vivre, she sings new songs of her own and immerses herself in her large repertoire of chanson, jazz and pop.

Katharine Mehrling is one of the most exciting jazz voices of our time and does not fit into any genre pigeonhole. She is at home in the symphony of the whole. The way she fuses the elements of different styles is unique. And so Katharine Mehrling creates the prototype of what constitutes the connection between French chanson and jazz.

With lightness, subtle irony and a delight in melancholy, she celebrates diversity and musical ambivalence in her very own - multi-lingual - way.

On this intimate evening, Katharine Mehrling creates a very special atmosphere and closeness to her audience with her unmistakable voice.

Pure, unplugged, en direct: simply Katharine.

Guitar: Jo Gehlmann
Piano & Trombone: Ferdinand von Seebach

Simply Katharine (Trailer)

La Mehrling is a force of nature, pure thrills, grandiose.


She penetrates directly into the heart and brain and above all into the soul of her audience.

RBB Kultur

Mehrling is charisma at its best. Under her voluminous voice there is always a trace of grating iron, under her charm always the desire to attack. 

Der Tagesspiegel

This woman's voice is incredible. To speak of gold in the throat would be a stale cliché. There is a whole vein of gold hidden there.  

Berliner Morgenpost

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