LUDIQUE – From Berlin with Love

May 26, 2024

From BERLIN with Love

With: Gerald Drent and Martin Mulders | Musical direction: Florian Ludewig

Music & Theater

LUDIQUE!, "the queer success from Amsterdam" (Siegessäule), is finally returning to Berlin and presenting a new production of the international theatre hit "From BERLIN with LOVE".  

In "From BERLIN with Love", the two all-round artists Gerald Drent and Martin Mulders (Altar Boyz and Mein Grand Prix, among others), accompanied and under the musical direction of Florian Ludewig (Malediva, operetta for two gay tenors), take us on an inimitable personal journey through their wondrous world, from Marlene Dietrich to Nina Hagen, from Broadway to Berlin.  

With songs of life, whether classical or newly composed, interspersed with wonderful anecdotes and musically interpreted German-language poetry, LUDIQUE! takes up the current topics of the day and effortlessly combines apparent opposites to create a unique evening of theatre in which you will recognise a surprising amount.

A declaration of love and contemporary ode to the city that has stolen LUDIQUE!'s heart: Berlin.

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