Scott Matthew - Live 2024

October 13 & 27, 2024

Scott Matthew
Live 2024

Music Show

Scott Matthew will go on tour again in October 2024 with a new album in his luggage. The Australian singer-songwriter will be accompanied by his two longstanding musicians Marisol Limon Martinez on piano and Jürgen Stark on guitar.  

Anyone who has ever experienced a Scott Matthew concert will know about the tradition of ending the set with a cover song and leaving the stage. Or as Scott himself describes these encores: "These songs are like old friends, some of whom I grew up with and who have given me comfort and support in special life situations".  

In 2013, he released his first encore collection of covered favourite songs with the album Unlearned (Glitterhouse/Indigo). For his new work, he will once again work out the emotional core of "Old Friends" with a great deal of love and empathy and translate them in a new and touching way with his distinctive voice and sparse instrumentation. The track list and album title are still a secret, but this much can already be revealed: World-famous pop hits will be represented on the new album and its setlist for the upcoming concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October 2024, as well as the odd soul classic and previously largely undiscovered musical gems.

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