Sebastian Krämer – Liebeslieder an Deine Tante

October 07, 2024

Sebastian Krämer
Liebeslieder an Deine Tante


His critics place him in the same league as Morgenstern, Ringelnatz and Kreisler. Sebastian Krämer is capricious in his comedy, sweet to coarse in his songs. His musical vocabulary ranges from swing to Viennese school. His "Liebeslieder an Deine Tante" (Love Songs to Your Aunt) do not contain any slogans or even recommendations for creating a better world. We are not dealing here with purposeful criticism of existing conditions - but with an attempt to track down and release the carefully packaged pain in the listener. The bizarre beauty of Krämer's verses and harmonies is in league with that pain. And with your aunt ...

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