Sharon Brauner & "The Goy Boys"

October 28, 2024

Sharon Brauner
Sharon Brauner & 'The Goy Boys'

Music Show

"Laugh when you feel like crying, dance when you're treading water and sing when you're at a loss for words!" is a core statement of Yiddish culture that Berlin singer and actress Sharon Brauner skilfully transforms into a rousing stage programme. The musical framework is provided by "The Goy Boys" with cool bass and virtuoso piano played by Sebastian Vogel & Harry Ermer, rhythmically accompanied by beatboxer Paul Brenning, who casually replaces a drum kit with his lips.  

Sharon Brauner is the child of two Holocaust survivors and was born in West Berlin. She has been performing on stage and in front of film cameras since her early childhood. After training as an actress and her first performances in New York, she has released five albums of her own German songs and Yiddish evergreens. She mixes various genres such as jazz, tango, classical music, chanson and klezmer to create her very own style and has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.

Her CD "Lounge Jewels" was labelled a masterpiece by the press and took her to various stages around the world. Now she is back on her favourite stage, the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT.

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