April 03 to 05, 2020

Siegfried & Joy


Siegfried & Joy: These two loveable guys have catapulted themselves from the magic underground into the heart of the serious magic scene within a very short time. And it wasn't a trick. With amazing magic and unbridled humour, they are currently performing what is probably the most entertaining magic show in the country.

When these two bolts of charm make objects float, perform mystical teleportations or read the thoughts of their audience, it becomes blindingly clear that they have perfected their art. Their performances are a sparkling alternative to conventional magic shows - with passion, spontaneity and a lot of self-irony, they even bring around magic sceptics and show that magic is anything but antiquated and dusty. Whether a guest becomes a magic star, the audience performs a trick together or they explain their tricks in brilliant slow motion, it is all fascinating, varied and in touch with the audience, and the disco magicians take everyone along on their magical-glittering journey.

Siegfried and Joy speak German to the audience.

For more information about the artists, please visit: http://www.siegfriedundjoy.de/

Admission and restaurant open Mo-Sat from 6:30 pm / Sundays from 5:30 pm.

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