Svavar Knútur in der BAR JEDER VERNUNFT

October 01, 2024

Svavar Knútur
Ahoy! Side B Tour


Anyone who has experienced a performance by Svavar Knútur will remember it for a long time. His performances are an emotional rollercoaster ride between being moved to tears and crying with laughter, captivating you and never letting go. The Icelandic singer/songwriter and entertainer Svavar Knútur is a musician with countless facets. He manages to enchant and captivate every audience from the very first moment with ease and exuberant sympathy. He presents his songs in an incredibly touching way and tells the most absurd stories and jokes in between, spiced up with a good dose of black Icelandic humour. Svavar likes to describe himself as a public health troubadour: "I think I might be the broccoli of singer-songwriters, not the sexiest of the vegetables, but still veeeery good for you!"  

Expressing the pain of the long winters and the sleeplessness of the 24-hour Icelandic summer sun, Svavar has blossomed into a cheerful and extraordinary musician in recent years. With "cotton-soft, Nordic-raptured folk music" (Rolling Stone), he tells of the hard but not joyless life of the people on the rough Icelandic Westfjord. Brisbane's Rave magazine credited him with a "swoon-inducing voice" and emphasised the "wonderful simplicity and unfiltered emotion in his songs".  

In spring 2024, "Ahoy! Side B" will be released, mixed with songs sung in Icelandic and English.

Rarely before have I seen such a likeable musician on stage.

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