Tim Fischer zum 100. Geburtstag von Georg Kreisler

May 29 to June 02, 2024

Tim Fischer

On the 100th birthday of Georg Kreisler | Musical direction: Oliver Potratz


For the 100th birthday of the king of black humour, Tim Fischer finally lets Georg Kreisler's cats of prey out of the bag again! Under the musical direction of bassist Oliver Potratz, with Sebastian Weiß on piano and Hauke Renken on vibraphone, Tim Fischer brings Kreisler's figures to life in his musical homage and, as a kind of medium, tickles the absurd comedy out of the songs with their powerful language.  

Laughing, he drips vitriol into the deceptive idyll and caricatures the bourgeois's dogged joie de vivre. Playfully, he transforms himself into a sad clown, becomes a money-grubbing hussy, a satirist and satyr. No one keeps the cultivated malice of the gifted chanson creater alive as beautifully as the interpreter ennobled by the master himself. Tim Fischer tips his hat to the total work of art and says of the optimistic pessimist Georg Kreisler: "His emotional spectrum was enormous and is uniquely reflected in his art. With clear language he takes us into his labyrinth, where the surreal is real, the light heavy, the heavy light and the impossible possible."

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He bribes highly musical newspaper critics who need money and then tearfully write a few kind words about him before going to confession. He got the money from his father, a bank robber. He only does CDs and concerts to distract the police. So all in all, I am very happy that Tim Fischer sings my songs.

Georg Kreisler about Tim Fischer

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