Wellen, Sturm und steife Brisen – Die Matrosen Show

June 11 to 30, 2024

Eine Produktion vom Theaterschiff Hamburg

Wellen, Sturm und steife Brisen
Die Matrosen Show


Sailors - a word where the imagination knows no bounds.  Sailors - promise, seduction, longing. Sailors are the spice for our dreams: spicy like chilli, tart like juniper and bitter-sweet like chocolate. A show full of wanderlust and hunger for life, full of passion and happiness at sea, full of love, lust and sensuality.  

Sailors - three crisp guys who sing virtuosically, dance ravishingly & tap dance unleashed.  A show on the high seas - stormy and loud, calm and quiet, erotic and touching.  Of course, shanties and hits such as "Wellerman", "Amsterdam" and "Beyond the Sea" are a must - but the sailors also discover surprising musical islands and open melodic treasure chests for us.  

Waves, storms and stiff breezes: This show is fast, sexy, funny. The sea always works. Sea with sailors too. Now you can have it all in one show, right in the centre of Berlin.

In German

With Patric Dull, Andreas Langsch & Martin Ruppel

Musical direction: Jochen Kilian
Choreography: Patrick Stauf
Set design: Antje Gebauer & Timo Zickuhr
Lighting design: Phil Kong
Director: Michael Frowin