July 04, 2022

Zélia Fonseca & Katharina Franck
Passos do Vento – Musikalische Wirbelstürme

Music Show

Katharina Franck, singer and songwriter, grew up in Portugal and Brazil, founded the Rainbirds in Berlin in 1986, released several albums, writes radio plays and spoken pop songs, interprets theatre songs with the group Stein, Rilke and Fontane in Reinhardt Repkes' Club der Toten Dichter and has written at least one piece of "pop music herstory" with the song "Blueprint".  

Zélia Fonseca, guitarist, singer and songwriter from south-eastern Brazil, has lived in Europe since 1989. She came to Germany from Portugal via Finland, and gained worldwide recognition through her four albums as a duo with singer Rosanna Tavares under the name Rosanna & Zélia.  

Together with Christoph Bernewitz (guitar) and Markus Runzheimer (bass), the musicians present their new project "Passos do Vento" (Eng: Steps of the Wind) - Musical Whirlwinds.

The jazz, rock, pop, world and experimental instrumentalists take their songs from well over 30 years of musical life, take their time to play the notes here, condense the well-known melodies there into a highly musical whirlwind. Their lyrics, in Portuguese, English, German and occasionally French, are poetic explorations of the everyday and the sublime, wild feelings and a humorous way of dealing with them. They tell of a life for art and music.

For more information about the artists, please visit: https://www.zeliafonseca.com/ & https://www.katharinafranck.de/